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Who We Are

According to MBTI, there are four kind of temperament personality. If you are one of us, please have a seat. We are the rationals enthusiast.

Things You Will Find Here

Just few people want to understand how theory and real life works together. Intuition is the most precious gift that human have. Theories come from human intuition. We will never understand that until we prove it.

It’s very simple rules. We write what we thought and share it with you.

  1. Commitment to post every week. Keep updated with following us on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe this blog.
  2. Open-minded for any objective discussion. No feeling attached, anyone can prove anyone wrong.
  3. Focus on social life. We don’t talk about fiction.
  4. Sharing is our concept. I share with you and we discuss.

Everything here is an open. You can make a copy as long as you ask for permission first and write down the source.

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