People are surrounded by negative and positive minds. How does this mind work is a tough question.

A story about Lucy. She applied for a scholarship. Unfortunately, her self-esteem was bad and she considered herself as an unworthy for the scholarship. She also believed that the other applicants were better and more qualified than her. On the day she got this negative thinking, she moves her away from success.

The other Lucy from another universe approached the scholarship in a better way. She plotted herself as a selected candidate since the day she applied. This Lucy was very sure of what she would do. She concerned of anything she can do to get the scholarship. This positive thinking leads her to success.

I didn’t say that having negative mind is a bad for you. Even psychologists told us that there’s hidden positive power on negative thinking. Sure I consider myself as a very optimistic person who always think positively. But sometimes, it’s extremely needed to be realistic to prepare for the worst. Just in case.

One that I always remember to handle this is controlling the “direction of mind”. Our mind systematically focusing on “something”. Nah, we can call it a goal. “Positive” or “negative” is just another point of view. It depends of where you are observing. If you are focusing on A, you will have positive direction relatively to A and negative direction relatively to B. There is nothing wrong with this system. No human can multitask. They only switch context from one to another. Frankly, context switching consumes more energy.

If a current goal is red dots. The mind will be like this.


And the direction itself.


Who cares about what negative thinking did to you? Anxious feeling is a natural sign of bad or dangerous situation. But it will stop you for taking action. You will do absolutely nothing for a certain time. To take action you have to think positively. Mind has one time function and you have to choose the mind’s direction. It will be a switch toward or against the goal.