How Do You Know That?


When you are alone in the dark you cannot see anything. Then you’ll search for a light. And from nothing, now you can see everything.

When you are born. You know nothing. You’ve grown up. And now you understand a lot of things.

What makes you sure you have 46 chromosomes? Who told you the Earth isn’t a center of this Universe? And what makes you really sure that your birthday is exactly on that date you’ve known for a long time?

What if you have 100 chromosomes, the other planet are orbiting Earth and you’re born in Krypton? What if the information you got is wrong/ false? How do you know that?

Let’s figure it out.

There are many sources where the information comes from. First, you recall the past information from your memory.


You meet someone and she told you something.


You get attention from nature or your environment.


The last, you process some information to become a new information by yourself.


All of the information are true only if your memory is unlimited, your sensor works fine, you are very smart and all people are trusted. So stay health and always improve you problem solving skills. Be careful of the untrusted information from another people because knowledge are still growing, head to head, time by time, generation after generation.

Oh, I’m kidding about Krypton. Does it make you unsure about this post?