The Dance


I was in a wedding party last night. Wedding party is enjoyable. So much awkward things happened as a part of almost every wedding. How people talk in a weird body language. As strange as talking with uninvited guest, an ex who carrying child or with someone you dated (but failed) or talking with your crush. I met uncle Jim at the party. Lucky me found him. He always disappears, eat fast and go home early. So I decided to talk with him.

“Hey uncle Jim”

“Hi buddy”

“How is the food?”

“Nice, it is the best they can served for us so it’s perfect. How is the party, son?”

“I’m watching the guests for an hour and I have a question for you. Which one is happier; the married guests or the unmarried guests?”

“What do you think, young boy?”

“I think the married one is happier. They come here with their spouse, walking hand in hand, introducing each other to their friends, having private chat and be able to take pictures as a couple. In the other hand, the unmarried guests are living in an uncertain commitment or maybe still finding the one”

“Almost.. Only one that I believe is the happiest person in this party is the bride and the groom. I’m not sure the other married guests are happier than the unmarried or even you. Ah look at them the married one”

“The blue dresses?”

“Yes. Look how he hold her spouse’s hand. It looks like she is rejecting. She is smiling only if they meet the other guests. I believe she is not in her mood right now. I don’t know what’s her problem but her husband looks dominant. He shows his high possession to his wife. So I don’t think they are happier than you. The unmarried guest”

“How about them. The group in the corner. They are my friends; Charles the tallest, Kate who wears black, Jack and Diana a friend of Charles. I don’t know Jack but I believe Jack is into Kate. One day Kate told me that she is crushing on Charles”

“Aha.. I see it. I see it son. Diana and Kate flirts to Charles. Look how they play with their hair.. Look at them. Oh no, Charles is showing his insecurity to Jack. Which one is Charles’s crush, bud? Kate or Diana?”

“Maybe Kate. I’m not sure. So which one is happier, Jim?”

“Here I tell you. Marriage is a step to upgrade your happiness and your responsibility. It would be sacred. You are supposed to have a limited marriage events, aren’t you? Then I will ask you. Which one is smarter; the 4th grade or the 6th grade? Based on their score, I believe one of 6th grade student may not smarter than one of the best student on a 4th grade. So you can’t compare an event with a score. That one in 6th student is just too old for 4th grade and passed a requirement to be a 6th student so he stays on 6th”

“I’m just wondering what makes the couples happy and how they keep it? Is that an influence of true love?”

“Off course. True love is the soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another – said someone in a movie. Once you find a true love, I bet you will be happier. Ah.. That recognition itself is like synchronizing your movement on a dance floor. Do you like dancing?”

“I like watching people dance”

“Um.. When a man asks woman to dance, she is asking permission to connect with her. This connection is crucial for a dance because the two will become one. It’s like throwing two leaves in to waving water. The leaves will move in a same pulse. The important things in a dance you are synchronizing without verbal communication. So how an earth the dancer moves together?”




“Like a feeling?”

“Yes they are guessing. The one is guessing the partner’s movement and vice versa. Sometimes a movement is going fast and sometimes slower. Then the two dancers should have the same rhythm, right?”

“How about the music?”

“For dancers, music is tempo keeper. Yes, you and your partner can have your own speed along with the current tempo, as long as your partner agrees. Ah look.. the bride is going to dance. Go young boy.. Go ask your partner to dance..”


“Wait, a true love is never exist so is the best dance. Your dance may good but also bad for now and then”

“Yes uncle”

“Don’t worry young boy, bad dance will teach you something”