The Teapot


The Man (whispering):  “Hey, you look terrible

Lucy: “I’m sorry, do I know you?

M: “Oh Hi. You are Lucy, right? I was sitting next to Justin

L: “Oh yeah I remember. Terrible huh!?

M: “Kind of

L: “… Um, that word (terrible) can be told to anyone here. It could be the girl sitting in the corner. Or that man who drinks too much. Or him!? I saw him used the toilet many times. And how did you end up on me?

M: “… In your last presentation, why didn’t you finish your story? That was cool. Just thinking how it ends

L: “Unfinished? What do you think?

M: “You are working with your books, right? You would be a great writer someday. Your first writing impresses me

L: “Hmm, then?

M: “Then I have a question for you. I know your brain could live ten years ahead from now but you couldn’t tell us which foot you want to walk first, right now. I mean. Why are you so sure you’ll release five books a year without publisher? Your first and only writing was written during eight months, probably. And that is not a book. Just article

L: “… Are you a tea lover?

M: “Perhaps. No more than you. That tea you’re drinking right now describe everything

L: “Yeah. I love tea so much. I can explain it. Would you mind to know?

M: “OK, try me

L: “… To make a perfect cup of tea, you must follow the tea serving cycle. Do you know why this cup is smaller than regular cup for drink?

M: “To maintain the temperature?

L: “Correct. The taste of drinking tea varies by its temperature. I think 45º C to 60º C is the acceptable range to drink tea in your cup

M: “Is 60º C the optimum temperature?

L: “Yes. This is a suitable volume because you only have 10 minutes to finish it. Before pouring to the cup you have 5 minutes steeping. You add the tea bag and 80º C boiling water in your teapot. Do you have a paper?

tea graph

L: “The temperature in cup is decreased rapidly. Your teapot is the temperature keeper. The point is in your limited time to maintain your perfect tea you must repeat that cycle. From teapot to cup. From 80º C to 60º C

M: “What a theory, are you Hawking’s rival? How long you spent everyday for tea?

L: “Maybe an hour

M: “… But I don’t get it. What to do with the books?

L: “Try harder

M: “Hmm, perfect tea cycle … ?

L: “Tell me

M: “… You will not get your perfect tea if you drink it from your teapot. Also if you pour your tea in one big size cup, you will enjoy your first 10 minutes tea and throw the rest. Ah, can you give me the paper?


M: “The shaded area is the perfect temperature that you maintain every time you pour the tea from your teapot. Um, we can call it repetition of local optimum temperature and you keep your global optimum temperature stays on your teapot

L: “… And the second graph shows us how the teapot works, doesn’t it? Wow, this explanation is too much. Actually, the five books a year is an abstract answer comes from the strange question. I don’t really think about it. I just want to tell that I focus on my small perfect part of my books. Like having tea, I did it everyday. I’m not sure about five books a year but if I did the cycle I’m sure I can make it

M: “That’s the point. I must tell you something

L: “About?

M: “… Our brain is designed to perceive information in two ways depend on the range of time. I care about the vision of ‘five books a year’ for you is impossible. You care about daily mechanism to finish your books. I always think about global optimum and you prove something about local optimum

L: “… It’s great huh. If you get the same question as me, what is your answer?

M: “Question about what?

L: “Tell me about your yearly resolution or goal. It’s not five books a year, is it?

M: “Oh that question. Graduated in 2014, having proper job this year, moving to new places in 2016 and volunteering in a big social activity in 2017

L: “I bet you really think that seriously

M: “Thanks Lucy

L: “Anytime. Oh, the next speaker will start in twelve minutes. Should we go now?

M: “Of course. Oh wait. If you pick just two alphabet to have tea tomorrow morning, what is it?

L: “I don’t know. What is it?

M: “U and I

L: “… Oh I think it’s O and K