When I was a little kid, dad bought me a superhero set. It’s Batman suits. The kids version of me suddenly trapped into imaginary world and became a superhero. A week before that, he teased me “Why are you so happy for being Batman?” “He is superhero and superhero can do anything”, I said. “If you can do anything, what will you do then?” “Um, save good people without telling who he is. That’s what Batman do, Dad.” That’s probably was an exact moment I have a vision for the first time.

Having vision means you’ve created an imaginary world, like the kids do.



If the version of you symbolized with a gray circle, you must have a lot of gray circles in your head. Your brain is limited so you have to choose which circle you want to keep and wipe another bad circles out of your head.

Every circles have one or more branches. When you are in circle with no branches you’ll just pass it and move to the next circle. But you will drain so much cost/energy when you’re passing circle with a lot of branches. So, choose wisely.

We are not the only person who deals with vision. People around you have their own vision. It may be an intersection between your and their vision.



The scariest question is who has the gray area? You or your partner?