Web of Trust


Alex told me “People are going crazy!!? I saw people in west tortured a little child and posted his photo on Facebook“. What a naive person who believe in social media and using term “see” than “hear”. Then I asked Alex, “Is there any information on that photo about place or date so I can go there to find out by my own eyes and do something?“. “No, I can’t find any information, just a photo“. “Who post that photo?“. “Um a Facebook Page has published that photo 2 days ago and put the source from another Facebook Page who posted 5 month ago … and I’m lost. I can’t find the real source“.

There are many source of information and mostly comes from another people around you. We have to make sure all of information are true and you need to care about that.

information compositon

Why do we need to care about the information that comes from another people? See this graph.


You are the orange bubble. When your friend fools you or your acquaintance lies to you from the first met, you tend to put them to not trusted person. Also I believe you have the other friends that you trust them. Red line for not trusted person and blue line for trusted person.

Draw your graph then you’ll realize that finding the true information is very complicated and wasting your time. You can’t control all bubbles in this graph. So in the end you will put your trust to your trusted friend even when your trusted friend give you false information from their trusted friend whom you don’t trust.

Information itself can be an opinion or fact. Fact is true/false statement. Opinion is a statement that tells what someone thinks. Both opinion and fact can change through time. So, what do we have to do to these kind of information?

  • Opinion: Agree or disagree.
  • True Fact: Collect if it’s important.
  • False Fact: Are you a Lawyer? Please just ignore it.
  • Unclear Fact: If you think it’s important, find out the truth. Otherwise, ignore.

I use the four rules above to avoid following group norms (Conformity) and handling one’s public approval to me, someone or something (Endorsement). Alright, draw your graph and don’t forget the color line is dynamically changed so draw it frequently in your mind.